I’ve spent the last week at a farm near the southernmost point of Japan’s main island. The nearest town is called Kushimoto. It has been hard work preparing rice fields for their winter cover crop but it has been a very rewarding experience. The host is an older Japanese couple, still very active. For instance, their rice fields are enough to support their rice needs all year, plus they grow many other vegetables which always supplement our meals. I’ve harvested sweet potatoes and many leafy greens. The scenery is absolutely stunning-every day we drive along the coast to get to the farm. I can see the ocean from the back porch and small mountains rise up behind the house, where I’ve scared off monkeys when walking the dog. The days aren’t filled with much free time- typically busy from 6 am to 7:30 pm if you include our eating times (which are quite a long affair because every meal could be considered a feast). The bath here is wooden and heated by wood fire most days, quite a treat that I’m becoming addicted to.
Nearby train station.

Sweet potato harvest. 


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