Matsumoto, Japan

I’ve arrived at the hostel I’ll be working at for some time. It’s a cool little place that is a converted house in a typical Japanese style.  It sits beside a little river in town. The work isn’t hard but it takes up a decent chunk of the day. 

It’s a little chilly here in this town because it’s situated near the Japanese alps. 

The train station had quite a gorgeous view when I arrived. The hiking is about an hour or more away so it’s not quite as accessible as I had hoped so we’ll see what I can make happen. Japan is quite significantly more expensive than Korea, at least in the realm of transportation. 

I won’t have too many posts for a while probably since I’m just hanging out and practicing my Japanese but I will have good wifi so I could FaceTime. I could post pictures of all the yummy food but I don’t want to make anyone jealous. 


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